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Monday, May 23, 2011

yay me!!!

Ok sorry i have to do a little blog happy dance!! Im down 17 pounds as of today!!! Yay its been super hard but slowly and surely I am getting them off...and it feels so good!!! Just had to share with someone ;) and NOT facebook ;) Haha!! I hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday, and had an even better weekend, I am so glad the world didnt come to an end ;) Haha!!
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers Day/Faith's Dedication!!

Hi!! I know you have all missed me..and I only have min., Faith is napping and I am doing laundry, but I thought I would put some pictures up quick!! Faith was dedicated at church on Mothers Day, along with LOTS of other babies!! ;) I hope all you wonderful mommies had a great day with your kids!!

Putting on the necklace from Great Grandma Nancy <3

Family pic before Church!

We are on the Right..can you see us?!?! haha...I have a green skirt on!



Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i need.....

A MAJOR blog renovation ....and to blog about my florida trip!!! Ugh if i could get my kid off my legs for a little bit and had the time!
Your probably wondering why i have no time....i wonder the same thing 99% of the time! Right now im sitting on my bed watching the backyardagains with Faith in my lap....i blame this on the 3 teeth that have come through and are still coming through!
And to top it off my mom comes Sunday (YAY!) and i NEED to clean!! How do you mommas that work survive?!?!?!
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nostalgia alert.....

Jess..Teish...Aunt Karey!
Guess what grandma found for Faith to play with!!! Do you remember this?!? Hahahahaaha
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

one of my favorite photos of all time!

We spent last weekend in Pittsburgh with Josh before we headed down to Florida...i got this picture on my phone and it melts my heart!!
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Florida-take 1

Faith and I are wrappin up our few days in Orlando with our friends Jessie & Paisley! We have missed them so much in the last few months!! But it feels like we've never been apart! We didn't do much since the girls are so young, and the daddies aren't here! We did go to Universal and the girls got in th water at the curious George play area, and see a Barney.Live show!! And today we went shopping and swimmin, and went to the downtown Disney Marketplace and ate at the Rainforst Cafe!! Its been really nice having some girl time with Jessie after the girls were asleep!! I have really missed her!

Tomorrow Faith and I are headed up to The Villages to spend a few days with Grandma Nancy! Im really excited she has never met Faith and i know it will be a great weekend with some great memories!!! I my best to post lots of pictures when i get home!!
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

18 months= 1 year and a half....I'M SPEECHLESS!!!!

WOW!! I can't believe our baby is 18 months...and isn't even a baby anymore...a full blodded TODDLER!!! Where did this come from?! Where has time gone?
We have Faith's 18 month check up on Monday, and I'm not counting on anything different, hoping for 20 pounds...but not holding my breath!! Faith is growing out of her 12 month clothes...not in her waist of course, but her arms, and legs!!! Thank GOD for Gap...because withouth Gap pants she wouldn't have any jeans to wear!!!

Fresh outa the bath!
Time to brush our teeth!!

Faith says soo many words...not clearly of course, but she tries! She is a jumper, and a climber! She never stops moving!! I was doing dishes and she climbed on the foot stool and used to drawers as a ladder to climb on the counter...the other night she JUMPED off the couch, like super man...landed on her face, laughed and did it again!! Josh says it is because her favorite show is Curious George ;) so he says she can't watch it any more ;)!!! But what he doesn't know wont hurt him!! Today we started a swim class...more of a get use to and play in the water class, I'm sure it will take a few times for her to get into it but she did pretty good!!!
Caught ya!!!
Watching curious George ;)

Still...watching Curious George!

I hope everyone is doing good, and hope to update more soon!